Dear Friends, 

The love and support we have received during this difficult period has been overwhelming. It has shown us just how beloved Rabbi Wilhelm zt”l was and how deeply his passing has affected us all. 

We have been asked multiple times by various people how they can help? Or what can they donate to in his memory? 

The Rambam says that one of the most sublime ways to give charity is before the recipient even asks, and these are the kind of special people and kind friends we are surrounded by. 

Below are links to three amazing Chabad houses that Rabbi Wilhelm zt”l was intricately involved in. They are run by his children who are committed to continuing his legacy. 

From the entire family - we would like to extend our gratitude for the truly humbling display of care, concern and support you have shown us, it gives us hope and strength for the future. 

May we only share good news.