Earlier today, His Excellency the Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, welcomed us and officially proclaimed Education and Sharing Day in Jamaica.

His excellency presented this year’s Education and Sharing Day proclamation to representatives of Chabad Jamaica, Rabbi Yaakov Raskin, Mr. Howard Levy, and Mr. Mark Rosenblum, at a ceremony on April 19 2024.

During our meeting, we highlighted the far-reaching impact of the Rebbe on global humanitarian efforts, emphasizing the importance of observing the Seven Noahide Laws and promoting acts of kindness.

With a growing mental health crisis and crisis of purpose among young people, Education and Sharing Day seeks to highlight the critical need for moral and ethical education.

Some programs encouraged nationwide on Education Day include a daily moment of silence at the beginning of a school day, when students can think and meditate about what their parents taught them, helping to focus them toward greater moral awareness; and the ARK (Acts of Random and Routine Kindness) initiative that encourages daily charitable giving and sharing.

Representatives of Chabad Jamaica will be distributing ARK shaped charity boxes across Jamaica to encourage everyone to do Acts of Random and Routine Kindness. Reach out if you’d like to receive one.

His Excellency's personal contribution to the charity ARK box symbolizes our collective dedication to both education and tangible efforts towards creating a more compassionate world.

In order to achieve its highest goals, education must not only impart knowledge but also teach the students how to live, forming and strengthening their moral character to make a better life for themselves as individuals and for society as a whole.

Jamaica’s Education and Sharing Day proclamation reads:
“..... AND WHEREAS the Rebbe taught that education should not be limited to the acquisition of knowledge, preparation for a career, or “to make a better living”, and we must think in terms of a “better living,” not only for the individual, but also for the society on a whole, therefore, the educational system must pay more attention to the building of character, with emphasis on moral and ethical values.....”
His Excellency, the Most Honorable Sir Patrick Allen

Education and Sharing Day was championed by the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory. Forty years ago, American Congress passed a joint resolution and President Carter signed into law a resolution to designate the Rebbe’s birthday as Education and Sharing Day. Each president since Carter, as well as many other country leaders, numerous local legislatures, governors and mayors have annually recognized the date corresponding to the Rebbe’s birthday, celebrated four days before Passover, as Education and Sharing Day.

The Rebbe was born in 1902 in present day Mykolaiv, Ukraine and this year marks 122 years since his birth.

In his correspondence with President Carter, the Rebbe laid out his vision of Education Day as a time to focus on “education in a broader and deeper sense—not merely as a process of imparting knowledge and training for a "better living," but for a "better life," with due emphasis on character building and moral and ethical values.”

Everyone is encouraged to observe Education and Sharing Day through setting aside time to reflect on how to enhance the moral and ethical education of our youth and increasing in acts of goodness and kindness.

About the Rebbe

The Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory—is the most influential rabbi in modern history, who engineered a Jewish renaissance in the post Holocaust era. For more information on the life and teachings of the Rebbe, visit:  TheRebbe.org.

About Chabad of Jamaica:

Chabad of Jamaica offers Jewish education, community and social service programming for families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations.

Chabad of Jamaica is a strong advocate of Education Day and the role of moral and ethicaleducation in a healthy society. For more information, contact Chabad of Jamaica at 876-452-3223 of visit online at www.JewishJamaica.com