FAQ & General Info


Daily Minyan: 
Depends on how many tourists are on the island. During the month of January, we should for sure have a minyan. If you are visiting with a large group (or even a small one), we will do our best to make the minyan happen!

Shabbat morning services:
9:30 - 11:00 AM followed by a delicious buffet kiddush with a hot cholent.

For questions about the Minyan, find out the times for weekday Mincha/Marriv or if you need to say Kaddish, please contact the Rabbi.

Kosher Food

Many Kosher food options are available through Chabad. Click here for more information.

Local Supermarkets carry the basic national products with kosher symbols (bagels, cereals, mayonnaise, chips, canned foods etc.). The large grocery stores located near Chabad are Progressive food. There are grocery stores throughout the island.

There are no Cholov Yisroel or Pas Yisroel products in the local supermarkets.

Hotels and Tourist Information

For hotels near Chabad, click here.

For general visitors info, please visit the official Jamaica tourist website for a wealth of local info at www.VisitJamaica.com

For Jewish tours visit www.FalmouthHeritageWalks.com.


Currently, there is no mikvah in Jamaica. However, should you need to use the mikvah during your stay please call Mrs. Mushkee Raskin at 876-596-2034. 

For more information about the laws of Mikvah please visit www.mikvah.org

To donate towards the building of a Mikvah in Jamaica please click here.

Our sages teach us that the building of a Mikvah is even more vital to the spiritual continuity of the Jewish people than the building of a Shul. Indeed, Torah scrolls should be sold to fulfill this mitzvah.

Children's programs 

Coming soon...

A place for every Jewish child to experience and learn about Judaism in a fun creative environment!

Upcoming Events

For all the exciting activities and events happening now @ Chabad of Jamaica, click here.

Chabad of Jamaica is supported solely by donations from our friends and visitors. Your support and friendship will ensure the continued success and activities of Chabad of Jamaica - Serving the jewish locals and tourists from A-Z.

We look forward to greeting you!

Rabbi Yaakov & Mushkee Raskin