SUKKOT 5777 - 2016

Traditional Sukkot dinner & Services, & shake the Lulav and Esrog as well.

You will be wined and dined and treated to a sumptuous meal. 

With G-d's help, It will take place @ Chabad Jamaica's  IRONSHORE, MONTEGO BAY.

Reservations are required and can be made on the form below

The Charge for Meal RSVP is $36 USD Per Adult and $18 USD per Child.

Discounted tickets available upon request. To make a payment, please do it on the donation Section of our website. or click on the following link:

Sukkot Schedule
@ Chabad Jewish Center Of Jamaica

Sunday  Evening- 5:30 PM
Monday Morning- 10:30 AM

2nd Day

Monday  Evening- 6:20 PM
Tuesday Morning- 10:30 AM

With g-d's help, there will be a traveling Sukkah Mobile around the island. We will come by Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Negril.


Additionally please consider becoming a partner and joining as a sponsor in these events, as we rely on your financial support to continue enabling us to build a better and brighter future for Judaism in Jamaica.  
Feel free to contact Rabbi Yaakov Raskin for sponsorship opportunities.