Imagine escaping to a privately owned villa where a professional team of staff are there to indulge your every whim and need.

An escape where you never need to visit a grocery store, prepare a meal. An escape where all you need to consider is if whether to bask languidly in the private swimming pool, gather your thoughts on an early morning jog, explore a nature trail or simply do nothing at all.

This is the home to an informally luxurious lifestyle that is as unique as it is different and one where classical, warm Jamaican hospitality prevails.

To top it off, a home where all will be kosher. Each kitchen will be kashered with 2 sets of dishes and cutlery and a chef well aware of the kosher requirements to fulfill your family’s every need. Buy the products through Chabad and make the menu that your family desires.

Currently we have 3 villas still available in the Spring-farm area in Montego Bay:

  • 4 bedroom villa SOLD
    Sleeps 8 persons

  • 6 bedroom villa
    Sleeps 12 persons

  • 7 bedroom villa SOLD
    Sleeps 14 persons

  • 9 bedroom villa 
    Sleeps 18 persons SOLD

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4 Bedroom Villa


6 Bedroom Villa


9 Bedroom Villa